Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Wilbourn Vines - Nashville National Cemetery

To the left is a picture of the grave stone of Wilbourn Vines.  He died on February 19, 1864 while serving in the state of Tennessee during the Civil War.

Wilbourn Vines (Also known as William Wilbourn Vines) and is my great-great-great grandfather.  He is the father of Edna Jane Vines and the husband of Melvina Dugger.

He lived in eastern Tennessee in Johnson County.  He was born about 1835.

Wilborurn Vines is buried in the Nashville National Cemetery in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.  He is in plot E.1528

Note: This picture was taken by Kathy Bilbrey, a FindAGrave.com volunteer.  It is because of people like her that I am able to see the graves of my ancestors that are buried very far away from me.  I am always grateful to the wonderful, helpful, and knowledgeable volunteers.


Herstoryan said...

What a great name! I agree, Find a Grave volunteers are angels among us!

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its really very nice cemetery i like it very much thanks for sharing this with us...