Sunday, February 7, 2010

Symbols Found On The Gravestones Of Children

Burying a child is every parent's worse nightmare.  Unfortunately it was something that our ancestors had to do all too often.

Below is a list of commonly used symbols on the gravestones of children:
  • Butterflies: This is often a symbol that represents an early death or a life taken too soon.
  • Lamb: This represents innocence or sinlessness.
  • Birds with Wings (as if flying): This symbolizes the soul's flight to heaven.
  • Angels: The idea behind this symbol is that an angel guides the soul to heaven.
  • Urn or Vase: A symbol of an early death.
  • Dove: This is a symbol that represents love, tenderness, peace, purity, and innocence.
When searching for the gravestone of a child, search for these symbols.  Have you ever seen these symbols on the gravestones of children?  What other symbols have you seen on the gravestones of children?

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