Sunday, December 7, 2008

Using's Picture Collection To Find Headstones

Have you ever sat on your computer, daydreaming about finding that headstone of your great-great grandfather who lived on the opposite side of the country from where you do? could fly to that side of the country, spend your days searching through cemetery after cemetery in hopes of finding his headstone, finally find it and snap a photo of it. could try's Picture collection in hopes that someone took a picture of said headstone and uploaded it onto

So now you are probably wondering how in the world you search through's picture collection.

First, go to Then, go to the top part of the page and click on the link called "Search". On the left, click on the link that says "Go To The Card Catalog". On the left, clink on the link that says "Pictures".

Now, you have 18 databases to choose from. Go ahead and search these databases and see if maybe you can find your ancestors headstone!

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Anonymous said...

I go to HeadStones Genealogy to find pictures of the headstones