Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tombstone Study: Samuel L. Dugger Headstone

Out in Carter and Johnson Counties of Tennessee, many of us Duggers know the name Samuel L. Dugger  (Dugger is my father's last name - but I was given my mother's last name of Doerflinger...but I still consider myself a Dugger).

Born in 1806, Samuel was the son of John and Mary Engle Dugger.  John and Mary Engle Dugger were the parents of a large number of children (the exact number of children is still being disputed, but the number of children ranges from about 15-20 children).

Samuel is my ancestor, along with his wife Hannah Ida Potter Dugger.  Samuel married his wife in 1830.

Samuel died in June of 1890 and was buried, along with his wife Hannah, at the Julius Dugger Cemtery in Johnson County, Tennessee.  Below, you will see a picture of his headstone (however, the words are very difficult to read because so much time has passed since it's creation).

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